Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest Review – Comprehensive Field Guide

Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest,” authored by William Neill and Robert Michael Pyle, is an essential guide for anyone interested in the region’s butterflies. This Timber Press Field Guide stands out for its comprehensive coverage of over 200 species, each detailed with high-quality photographs and key information on habitat, range, and life cycle.

The guide’s strength lies in its balance of scientific detail and accessibility. It caters to both beginners and experienced lepidopterists with its clear, engaging writing style. The layout is particularly user-friendly, facilitating quick and easy identification in the field.

What makes this guide more than just an identification tool is its focus on conservation and the ecological significance of butterflies. This aspect educates and inspires readers to engage in butterfly preservation efforts. Additionally, the section on butterfly-friendly gardening provides practical advice for attracting these insects, emphasizing the guide’s practical application.

In summary, “Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest” is a well-crafted, informative, and accessible field guide. It is an invaluable resource for anyone keen to explore and understand the diverse butterfly species of this region.

Facts About This Field Guide

Q: What region does “Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest” cover?
A: This guide focuses on the butterfly species found in the Pacific Northwest, encompassing areas such as Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and parts of British Columbia.

Q: How many butterfly species are included in the guide?
A: The book provides detailed information on over 200 species of butterflies native to the Pacific Northwest.

Q: Are the butterfly species in the book accompanied by photographs?
A: Yes, each species is presented with high-quality photographs that aid in identification and appreciation of their beauty.

Q: Is “Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest” suitable for beginners?
A: Absolutely, the guide is written in a clear and accessible style, making it ideal for beginners, while still offering detailed information for more experienced enthusiasts.

Q: Does the book include information on butterfly habitats and life cycles?
A: Yes, it provides essential details on the habitats, range, and life cycles of each butterfly species.

Q: What additional features does the book offer apart from species identification?
A: The guide emphasizes butterfly conservation and ecological roles, and includes a section on gardening specifically to attract and support butterflies.

Q: Who are the authors of “Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest”?
A: The book is authored by William Neill and Robert Michael Pyle, both of whom are renowned in the field of lepidopterology.

Q: Can this guide be used for practical conservation efforts?
Yes, the guide not only helps in identifying butterflies but also educates readers on conservation practices and how to create butterfly-friendly environments.

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