Bogfoot Native Plants is dedicated to ecological restoration. We are renowned for our harvesting and supply of live stakes, fascines, and seeds. 

Before any harvest, our team meticulously assesses donor sites, ensuring a rich presence of desired plants without disrupting the ecosystem. We select only the healthiest of each species, ensuring sustainable harvesting.

Once collected, these stakes, fascines, and seeds are prepared for their new role. Some live stakes are bundled into fascines, nature’s solution for stabilizing banks and slopes. Stored in cool, moist conditions, they’re swiftly transported to restoration sites. There, stakes are planted deep, while fascines lay in trenches, both rooting themselves over time.

Through Bogfoot’s efforts, a tale of environmental dedication unfolds, promising a greener tomorrow.

Live Stakes

Lonicera involucrataBlack Twinberry
Physocarpus capitatusPacific Ninebark
Populus trichocarpaBlack Cottonwood
Rubus spectabilisSalmonberry
Salix geyerianaGeyer’s Willow
Salix hookeriana (Coastal Variant)Hooker’s Willow
Salix hookeriana Inland VariantPiper’s Willow
Salix lasiandraPacific Willow
Salix scoulerianaScouler’s Willow
Salix sessilifoliaSandbar Willow
Salix sitchensisSitka Willow
Spirea douglasiiSpirea
Symphoricarpos albusSnowberry


Fascines & Brush Material

We take a meticulous approach to understanding your Fascine and Brush Material needs quality and requirements when sourcing the right materials for your project. We ensure control throughout the production process.