Arbutus Menziessi, Clean Seed

Arbutus menziessi, clean seed Arbutus menziesii, commonly known as the Pacific Madrone or Madrona, is a magnificent evergreen tree native to the western coast of North America, mainly thriving in the Pacific Northwest. This striking tree is renowned for its exceptional beauty and unique characteristics. The seeds of Arbutus menziesii, often called clean seeds, give […]

Reviving the Pacific Northwest: Arbutus Menziesii Clean Seeds in Ecological Restoration

The Pacific Northwest, with its emerald forests, winding rivers, and diverse ecosystems, is a natural treasure that enchants all who encounter it. However, this ecological haven faces numerous challenges beneath the picturesque surface, from habitat degradation to the alarming decline of salmon populations. Amidst these concerns, Arbutus menziesii, the Pacific Madrone, emerges as a beacon […]