Ceanothus Velutinus. Mountain Balm

Ceanothus velutinus, commonly known as “Mountain Balm,” is a captivating and resilient seed species that thrives in the rugged landscapes of North America. This hardy shrub is renowned for its remarkable adaptability to various environments, from the Rocky Mountains’ lofty mountain slopes to the Pacific Northwest’s coastal cliffs. Mountain Balm’s name stems from the velvety […]

Harnessing Ceanothus velutinus (Mountain Balm) Seeds for PNW Ecological Restoration

The Pacific Northwest boasts stunning landscapes, but urban development, climate change, and invasive species threaten its ecosystems and biodiversity. Ecological restoration is essential to rejuvenate and protect this beauty. Enter Ceanothus velutinus, or Mountain Balm, a resilient shrub native to the region. This guide explores harvesting and using its seeds for restoration, focusing on bankside […]