Lathyrus Littoralis. Grey Beach Peavine

Lathyrus littoralis. Grey beach peavine. Lathyrus littoralis, commonly known as the Grey Beach Peavine, is a resilient and enchanting plant species found along the coastal regions of many continents. This unique seed species is known for its adaptability to harsh seaside environments, where it thrives amidst shifting sands and salty breezes. The Grey Beach Peavine […]

Revitalizing Pacific Northwest Ecosystems with Grey Beach Peavine Seeds

The Pacific Northwest’s breathtaking landscapes are renowned for their natural beauty, but they are also facing ecological challenges, such as eroding banks and diminishing salmon habitats. Fortunately, native plants like Lathyrus littoralis, commonly known as Grey Beach Peavine, offer a sustainable and effective solution for ecological restoration projects in the region. In this article, we’ll […]