Mahonia Nervosa. Cascade Oregon-Grape

Mahonia nervosa. Cascade Oregon-grape Mahonia nervosa, commonly known as Cascade Oregon-grape, is a captivating and versatile evergreen shrub native to the lush woodlands of the Pacific Northwest, particularly in the Cascade Mountain region of North America. This striking plant belongs to the Berberidaceae family and is celebrated for its unique combination of ornamental beauty and […]

Reviving Ecosystems: Using Mahonia nervosa Seeds for Restoration in the Pacific Northwest

The lush woodlands of the Pacific Northwest boast a rich tapestry of flora and fauna, but like many ecosystems worldwide, they face environmental challenges, including habitat degradation and loss. In this intricate web of interconnected life, native plants play a pivotal role, and one such plant that has proven indispensable in ecological restoration efforts is […]