Philadelphus lewisii. Mockorange

Philadelphus lewisii. Mockorange Philadelphus lewisii, commonly known as Mock orange, is a remarkable flowering shrub that graces the North American landscape with its elegant beauty and enchanting fragrance. Named after the famous American explorer Meriwether Lewis, who encountered this species during the Lewis and Clark Expedition, this plant symbolizes resilience and natural beauty. Mock orange […]

Restoring the Pacific Northwest Ecosystem with Philadelphus Lewisii (Mockorange) Seeds

The Pacific Northwest boasts a diverse and picturesque landscape with lush forests, meandering rivers, and abundant wildlife. Yet, this region faces ongoing environmental challenges threatening its ecological balance. One critical aspect of restoring and preserving the Pacific Northwest’s unique ecosystem is using native plants. Among these native species, Philadelphus lewisii, or Mockorange, is a valuable […]