Rubus leucodermis. Blackcap raspberry.

Rubus leucodermis. Blackcap raspberry. Description The Rubus leucodermis, or Blackcap Raspberry, is a distinguishable species within the Rubus genus, painting the landscape with its ethereal beauty and delicate essence. This deciduous shrub is adorned with glaucous, blue-white stems and branches, a characteristic that interestingly bestows upon it its scientific name, leucodermis, meaning ‘white skin.’ The […]

Unlocking Ecological Balance: Rubus Leucodermis in Pacific Northwest Restoration

The Rubus leucodermis, also known as Blackcap Raspberry, is a native wonder of the Pacific Northwest, echoing the rhythms of nature through its dense foliage and delicious fruits. This plant’s intricate ecological relationships and adaptability make it a valuable asset in environmental restoration projects in the region, including bankside restoration and the revitalization of salmon […]