Rubus Parviflorus

Rubus parviflorus. Thimbleberry. Description  Rubus parviflorus, commonly known as Thimbleberry, is a remarkable and enchanting plant species that thrives in North America’s temperate forests and woodlands. This perennial shrub belongs to the Rubus genus, which includes other well-known members like raspberries and blackberries. Thimbleberry stands out for its delicate beauty, featuring elegant palmate leaves and […]

Restoring Pacific Northwest Ecosystems with Thimbleberry: A Native Seed Solution

Native vegetation plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance of any region, and the Pacific Northwest is no exception. Among the diverse array of native plant species in this region, Rubus parviflorus, commonly known as Thimbleberry, stands out as a valuable asset for ecological restoration projects. This article will delve into how native-grown […]