Alnus Sinuata. Stitka Alder

Alnus sinuata, commonly known as Sitka alder, is a captivating deciduous tree species found in the temperate rainforests of North America, particularly along the rugged coastline of the Pacific Northwest. This remarkable tree can reach heights of up to 80 feet (24 meters) and is renowned for its distinctive curved, spiral, and often twisted branches, […]

Unlocking the Power of Stitka Alder: Eco-Restoration in the Pacific Northwest

With its diverse ecosystems and abundant natural beauty, the Pacific Northwest faces ongoing challenges related to habitat degradation and ecological imbalance. In this context, the native Alnus sinuata, known as Stitka alder, offers a valuable resource for environmental restoration efforts. Stitka alder, a deciduous tree species native to the region, possesses unique characteristics that make […]