Taxus Brevifolia

Taxus Brevifolia. Pacific yew. Taxus brevifolia, also known as the Pacific yew, is a small to medium-sized coniferous tree native to the moist forests of the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Its unique elegance is characterized by its slender trunk, peeling reddish-brown bark, and needle-like leaves, which are dark green and arranged spirally, often […]

Restoring Ecosystems with the Pacific Yew: A Comprehensive Guide to Harvesting and Using Taxus brevifolia in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest, known for its dense forests and teeming aquatic life, faces ecological challenges that demand innovative solutions. Among these, the Taxus brevifolia or Pacific yew stands out as an indigenous species with significant potential for ecological restoration. By understanding how to harvest and deploy the seeds of this coniferous tree, we can initiate […]