Vaccinium Ovalifolium. Oval-Leaf Blueberry.

Vaccinium Ovalifolium. Oval-Leaf Blueberry. Vaccinium ovalifolium, commonly known as the oval-leaf blueberry, is a delightful member of the Vaccinium genus known for its distinctively shaped leaves and bountiful berry production. This deciduous shrub can grow up to 1.5 meters in height and features oval or elliptical leaves, as its name suggests, which are finely serrated […]

Revitalizing the Pacific Northwest: Oval-Leaf Blueberry’s Role in Ecological Restoration

The lush, verdant expanse of the Pacific Northwest, with its symbolic forests, myriad species, and sprawling rivers, stands as one of North America’s ecological marvels. Yet deforestation, urban encroachment, and climate change loom large. In this challenging context, the Vaccinium ovalifolium or oval-leaf blueberry emerges as a beacon of hope, offering myriad possibilities in bankside […]