Grindelia Integrifolia. Coast gumplant.

Grindelia integrifolia. Coast gumplant.  

Grindelia integrifolia, commonly called the Coast gumplant, is a robust perennial herb native to the coastal regions of western North America. Characterized by its bright yellow, daisy-like flowers with central disks resembling golden buttons, the plant typically grows from 1 to 3 feet. Its sticky, resin-coated leaves and stems give the Coast gumplant its gummy namesake. The serrated, dark green leaves pair harmoniously with the radiant blossoms that bloom during the late summer, attracting pollinators. These attributes make Grindelia integrifolia not just an essential component of its native ecosystems but also a delightful choice for gardens seeking both beauty and resilience.

The resinous nature of the Coast gumplant has historically garnered attention for its potential medicinal properties. Indigenous communities have traditionally used its extracts to remedy various ailments, particularly respiratory and skin conditions. When planted in gardens or natural landscapes, this hardy species demonstrates resilience against saline soils and coastal breezes, making it a preferred choice for seaside plantings and xeriscaping. Moreover, its vibrant blooms contrast the coastal blues and grays, breathing life and color into the surroundings.

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