Ceanothus Sanguinous. Red Stem Ceanothus

Ceanothus sanguinous, commonly known as the Red Stem Ceanothus, is a striking and distinctive species of flowering shrub native to the western regions of North America. This remarkable plant derives its name from its unique feature—the vivid red stems that contrast beautifully with its deep green foliage. Red Stem Ceanothus typically reaches a height of 3 to 6 feet, making it a moderate-sized shrub. Its lance-shaped leaves are glossy and dark green, providing an attractive backdrop for its mesmerizing clusters of tiny, star-shaped flowers. In late spring and early summer, the shrub bursts into a profusion of blossoms, ranging in color from shades of vibrant blue to lavender, depending on the specific cultivar. These flower clusters are visually captivating and provide an essential nectar source for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

This hardy species is well-suited for various gardening and landscaping applications, thriving in well-drained soils and full sun to partial shade. Its robust root system makes it adept at stabilizing soil and preventing erosion. Gardeners and landscapers often incorporate Red Stem Ceanothus into their designs for its aesthetic appeal and its ability to attract beneficial wildlife. Beyond its ornamental value, this species has been used traditionally by Native American tribes for medicinal purposes and as a source of dye. The Red Stem Ceanothus is a testament to the beauty and resilience of native plants, making it a cherished addition to gardens and natural landscapes across its native range.

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