Fraxinus latifolia. Oregon ash

Fraxinus latifolia, commonly known as Oregon Ash, is a magnificent deciduous tree species native to the Pacific Northwest region of North America. This striking tree is characterized by its graceful, slender stature and can reach heights of up to 80 feet (24 meters). The Oregon Ash is renowned for its distinctive pinnately compound leaves, composed of 5 to 11 glossy, dark green leaflets that turn a rich golden-yellow in the fall, creating a stunning display of autumnal colors.

One of the defining features of the Oregon Ash is its preference for wetland habitats, thriving along the banks of rivers, streams, and lowland areas. Its bark is light gray and becomes furrowed with age, adding to its charm. This versatile tree species plays a crucial ecological role, providing habitat and sustenance for various wildlife, including birds, insects, and mammals. Moreover, its wood is highly valued for its durability and is used in multiple applications, from furniture and flooring to tool handles. As a symbol of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, the Oregon Ash stands as a testament to the region’s lush landscapes and unique biodiversity.

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