The Majestic Black Cottonwood (Populus Trichocarpa)

The majestic Black Cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa) stands as a symbol of vitality and resilience within riparian ecosystems. Towering to impressive heights of up to 150 feet, this deciduous tree boasts a commanding presence with its stout trunk and broad crown. Its deeply furrowed bark, ranging in color from gray to brown, adds a touch of […]

Restoring Pacific Northwest Ecosystems with Black Cottonwood Trees

The Black Cottonwood, native to the Pacific Northwest, is pivotal in ecological restoration. This article delves into the tree’s characteristics, ecological significance, and application in riverbank and bioregional restoration projects. Contents Of This Article Introduction to Black Cottonwood The Black Cottonwood, scientifically known as Populus trichocarpa, is a remarkable tree native to the Pacific Northwest. […]