Ceanothus Sanguinous. Red Stem Ceanothus

Ceanothus sanguinous, commonly known as the Red Stem Ceanothus, is a striking and distinctive species of flowering shrub native to the western regions of North America. This remarkable plant derives its name from its unique feature—the vivid red stems that contrast beautifully with its deep green foliage. Red Stem Ceanothus typically reaches a height of […]

Reviving Pacific Northwest Ecosystems with Ceanothus sanguinous: A Comprehensive Restoration Guide

Ecological restoration projects are urgently needed in the biodiverse Pacific Northwest to combat habitat degradation and preserve unique biodiversity. Native plants like Ceanothus sanguinous the Red Stem Ceanothus, play a crucial role in these efforts. This article offers a comprehensive guide on utilizing Ceanothus sanguinous seeds for ecological restoration, focusing on bankside and salmon habitat […]