Grindelia Integrifolia. Coast gumplant.

Grindelia integrifolia. Coast gumplant.   Grindelia integrifolia, commonly called the Coast gumplant, is a robust perennial herb native to the coastal regions of western North America. Characterized by its bright yellow, daisy-like flowers with central disks resembling golden buttons, the plant typically grows from 1 to 3 feet. Its sticky, resin-coated leaves and stems give […]

Coast Gumplant (Grindelia integrifolia): The Essential Guide to Harvesting and Ecological Restoration in the Pacific Northwest

With its lush greenery and rich biodiversity, the Pacific Northwest is a unique ecological treasure. As modernization and various human activities have exerted pressure on these environments, the significance of ecological restoration has grown exponentially. At the heart of these restoration efforts is the use of native species, such as the Grindelia integrifolia or Coast […]